Plastic products manufacturing and delivery in the Nordic countries

Muovitekniikka V. Riittinen & Co (V. Riittinen & Co Plastic Technology) is a plastics company founded in 1967 and operating in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere, Finland. Our market area is Finland and the other Nordic countries. We offer plastic products for the construction and carpentry industry, with a focus on the cement industry. As a family business, we offer a customer-centric approach, as well as modern production technology. From us, you get plastic products as a complete service, all the way from mould-making to the finished product.

An experienced plastics company

Solid experience and expertise ensure that specialised products planned by our customers will be successful. We have the reputation of a reliable supplier and cooperation partner, which is why we have long, well-functioning relationships with our customers. Our reliable products are market leaders.

A wide variety of building products

We produce professional plastic fittings for the carpentry industry, such as, for example, for dressers, cupboards, chests of drawers and many other needs. You can get plastic products from us all the way from drawer runners to brackets and covering plates. Transfer moulded plastic products are an important part of carpentry industry and its fittings. And because our products are practical and durable, the major Finnish manufacturers rely on them year after year.

A wide range of plastic products - from the specialised to the brand-new

We have a wide product range of specialised products as well as the ability to produce new ones as needed. We continually develop new solution models for our customers’ needs. When you order services from us, you get a complete turnkey service. We offer product development, design and manufacturing of your own mould. All this is done with our modern production tools. The end result is top-class quality and satisfied customers. We specialise in industrial areas, such as the construction, carpentry and paint industry. Our product range includes specialised products for other areas, too. One example is filling plates, which are used in domestic and industrial washers.

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