A comprehensive product range

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Holow-core beam plugs

  • Single
  • Set
  • Deep

Beam spacers

  • For one/two iron bars
  • Marking disks
  • End pieces

Pre-cast products

  • Rebar spacers
  • Insulation spacers
  • Covering plates/plugs
  • Siporex fixings
  • Air-condidtioning duct covers
  • Traffic sign stands

Carpentry industry

  • Linen chests
  • Runners
  • Door frame plugs
  • Pipe collar
  • Electric socket cover plate

Furniture manufacturing

  • End and penetration bushing
  • Silencer
  • Curtain rod gliders and end stoppers
  • Sliding door plastic parts

Paint industry

  • Paste paint container
  • Stopper plugs

Flue gas cleaning

  • Filling plates (1”, 2” and 4”)

Plastic parts for metal industry

  • Fence products
  • Aluminum pipe plugs

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